The NorCom 2020 batch inspects up to 500 devices per cycle for both gross and ultra-fine leaks. The system incorporates a patented full field interferometer that produces reliable, repeatable leak test results. The system eliminates the need for helium mass spectroscopy or krypton testing for fine, and bubble leak testing for gross leaks.

There are two NorCom 2020 models available to meet your throughput and budget requirements. See Full Product Details

The NorCom 2020-WL is specifically designed for wafer-level inspection and leak tests up to 1000 devices per cycle. The system can inspect up to an 8” wafer on or off a saw frame. It is designed to test MEMS and other wafer level devices that have a cavity. See Full Product Details

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NorCom can inspect your sample devices with OLT and furnish a full leak test report at no cost.